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Aerial Photographic Services

Contact John L. Wager at  for your specific photographic requests.


         Aerial photographic services include the aircraft, pilot and photo supplies and may be air to air or air to ground, both oblique and “near” vertical. My current airplane does not have a camera port in the belly, so near vertical is banked over at considerable angle and is not intended for mapping or scaling. The flat rate charge includes up to :30 (thirty) minutes of "local" flight time. Additional flight time, such as ferrying to and from distant locations, is charged at the rate of $105.00 ($8.75 / five Minutes), per tachometer hour. Such photography is economically impractical beyond a 200 mile radius of Lansing, Michigan unless I have other reasons to be in the area. All photography today is done with a Canon EOS 7D MK II (G) camera with a 21.5 MB file size in Canon CR-2 “Raw” images. You may wish to view “Camera Evolution” under “About the Author—My Cameras.”


Commission Aerial Photographic Rates

       The customer designates the assignment on a first priority basis. The right of reproduction and com­mercial use extends to first party only (restricted license). Use in publications, brochures, postcards, annual reports, etc., without further release from the photographer, is not permitted and is protected under copyright laws.


       Original images taken, whereby all custody and rights are relinquished to the customer, are subject to negotiation depending on use, such as publication, circu­lation etc. In such cases, an “open copyright licensing agreement” is completed, the form is available on request. The completed digital images may be delivered to the customer on a CD, DVD, flash drive or via “Dropbox” in jpeg or tiff format.

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