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Lithographic Prints

USPS Commemorative Stamp Print.jpg

United States Postal Service
Commemorative Stamps Print

   This 30"x40″ limited edition print contains an aerial photograph of a lighthouse from each of the five Great Lakes, selected and commemorated on U. S. Postal Service stamps. Each image is approximately 10″x12″ in size.

   The stamps, containing the serial number and perforation of the printing series, are affixed to the face of the print. The stamps are canceled “Day of First Issue” from the Cheboygan, Michigan Post Office on June 17, 1995. They were available only at the Cheboygan Post Office and valid for 30 days and have since been destroyed.

   A cover from the stamp booklet is also mounted on those prints. This limited edition print has a “V grooved” suede mat, black metal frame and non-reflective glass and is numbered, dated and signed by the author and pilot/photographer, John L. Wagner. Price $445.

Harbor Lights Miniatures

Harbor Lights Minatures

Round Island Lighthouse Centennial Poster

Round Island Centennial Lighthouse framed picture

  The official Centennial Poster, by “Friends of the Round Island Lighthouse, Inc.,” commemorates the lighthouses’ 100th Anniversary. Round Island, opposite to Mackinac Island, received special recognition in the movie Somewhere In Time, when Christopher Reeve rowed Jane Seymour on a romantic excursion to the lighthouse.

   This 22"x34″ vertical poster (28" x 40" framed size) com-bines a 15"x18″ color aerial photograph of Round Island and a 5"x7″ black & white photo of the grand opening ceremony in 1896. My framed version has the U.S. Postal Service stamps canceled by the Mackinac Island Post Office.

   The cancellation stamp from the Mackinac Island Post Office—an impression of the Round Island Lighthouse—was designed by famous lighthouse artist, Leo Kushel.


   The poster was limited to one press run of approximately 2,000 copies. The unframed price without canceled stamps is $45 including tax, shipping tube and postage. The usually framed version has a gold metal frame, one brown “V Grooved” suede mat, non-reflective glass, is signed and priced at $395.

Port Austin Reef Lighthouse Centennial Poster

  A 6”x9” architectural drawing of the original wooden structure is located in the lower right corner.    The perforated USPS stamps, can-celed at the Port Austin Post Office on July 11, 1999, are in the lower right bottom

Port Austin Reef Lighthouse Centennial framed picture

  The Port Austin Reef Lighthouse Centennial Poster is the official poster printed by the “Port Austin Reef Lighthouse Association” (PARLA), commemorating the 100th anniversary of the lighthouse.

  The 16”x17” color, aerial photo taken in March 1991, portrays the lighthouse at the completion of the exterior restoration. The windrows of floating, spring ice lend character to the image. A 6”x8” sepia photo with six local citizens taken in 1915, depicts the lighthouse that was reconstructed in 1899.

and the booklet cover on the lower left. I usually frame the print with a “V grooved” suede mat, blue metal frame, non-reflective glass and signed by Wagner. Framed size is 28"x 40". Price $395.00.

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