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"Photographs on Canvas"
Ciclee or Iris Printing

      A computerized reproduction whereby the image and topology are gen-erated from a digital file and printed by a special InkJet printer, using pigmented inks, acrylic or oil paints. Giclée printing offers the highest degree of accuracy and richness of color unavailable in other reproduction techniques.”1.
      The process can be applied to a wide variety of substraits including canvas, photographic type or watercolor papers. Current technology has refined to a high degree the computer and printing equipment, high-resolution color scans, imaging, and storage devices in the application to canvas and watercolor papers. Each photograph is autographed in gold ink on the lower right with the lighthouse name on the lower left.


        Any image from my extensive files or those appearing in my book, Michigan Lighthouses, An Aerial Photographic Perspective, can now be reproduced on each of these mediums. Each, however, must be adapted to the digital printing process. This includes scanning, cropping and alignment, color correction and balance and proportioning to the final size—each imposing the necessary controls to produce a quality product. This is an ongoing process of my 50 years of photography and perhaps some 20,000 images. A list of those completed images is available.

Archival UV Inks

        Following are longevity comparisons between archival HP Vivera (pigment inks) and the standard Encad indoor inks. An independent testing laboratory, Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc, the preeminent authority on image permanence in the graphic imaging market, conducted these tests.

HP Vivera (pigment inks)          200 years
Encad GS Ink (dye-based)         1-2 years
Encad GA Ink (dye-based)         1-2 years

        The data are derived from accelerated fluorescent light fading tests, based on the “standard” indoor display condition of 450 lux for 12 hours per day, employed by Wilhelm Imaging Research.  The tests were conducted on photo glossy paper.


Price List
      Canvas print mounted Other Frames

Contact me for Quotes

        “Canvas Wraps” are also available and other odd size prints Glwill be quoted on a per square-inch basis.


1. A Glossary   OmniGuard Corporation.


2. Wood frames vary considerably in quality and cost. Prices are for those listed—many others are available.

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