Lake Michigan Gallery

Waugoshance Lighthouse
At the edge of extinction!
Waugoshance Lighthouse
A winter shot, "where the sun doesn't shine."
Waugoshance Lighthouse
Overtaken by "jake" cormorants.
St. Joseph North Pier Inner & Outer Lights
St. Joseph Inner & Outer Pier Lights
A sunset on Lake Michigan.
North Manitou Shoal
Skim ice portraying a confluence of wind and currents.
South Manitou Island Lighthouse
With North Manitou Island in the background.
Squaw Island Lighthouse
The year following this photograph a squawl-line flattened the array of white birch trees.
Skillagalee Lighthouse
(Ile Aux Galets) Island of Pebbles.
South Fox Island Lighthouse
South Fox Island Lighthouse
Holland Harbor Lighthouse
"Big Red"
Seul Choix Lighthouse
The harbor of "only choice" along the south shore of the Upper Peninsula.
South Haven South Pier Light
South Haven Lighthouse
Surrounded by "pancake ice."
Muskegon Harbor Lighthouse
Muskegon Coast Guard Station.
Little Traverse Lighthouse
Lansing Shoal Lighthouse
Surrounded by "reefing ice."
Lansing Shoal Lighthouse
Little Sable Point Lighthouse
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