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"Traveling Exhibit"

Photgraphic Traveling exhibit

Current Exhibit Extended through September 2020 

at the Heritage Museum and Cultural Center,

601 Main Street

 St. Joseph, Michigan 49085


St. Joseph Traveling Exhibit
Michigan Lighthouse exhibit
Exhibit Lighthouses
Michigan Lighthouse Exhibit
John L. Wagner Photo Exhibit

What is the "Traveling Exhibit"

  A collection of over 100 framed lighthouse photographs has been assembled as a “Traveling Exhibit.” To eliminate breakage, glare, distortion and reflections, and to facilitate transportation, each photograph in the exhibit is displayed in an aluminum frame without glass.  Most of the photographs are "float mounted within the field" on regular mat board.

This makes them light, easy to transport and not subjected to damage, especially as with glass. The exhibit is available to any organization or group as who wish to set up and offer an exhibit for a month or more. This can be combined with a presentation by me and a book signing event. Details are available on request. 

Saganaw County Historical Society Exhibit

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