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The Book is available in four iterations:

Any photograph in the book can be custom printed, enlarged and framed for you.
Click picture of each edition for details.

Standard Book

Collectors' Copy,

"Irish Linen Cover"

Port Austin Reef, 

Limited Edition

with USPS stamps

White Shoal in Blue.jpg

   How many times do we go out for dinner

celebrating an event of some kind—

a holiday, an anniversary, birthday—

or whatever.

   I question three weeks later for

them to remember where they went,

what they had to eat or—who

picked up the bill!

   My book, with a personalized

inscription to the recipient

on page nine, the “title page,”

remains a memorable event

in the mind of the recipient and perhaps never forgotten.

My Book as a Gift

First Day Issue, from Cheboygn, I with cancelled stamps from USPS on "title page" nine

     Michigan’s lighthouses have now all been captured in a spectacular collection of aerial photographs. Taken over a six-year period, this photographic essay is available in a creatively designed, 11x14″, 168 page, hard cover, tabletop book. The lights and their environments are vividly portrayed, photographed with a 6x7cm medium format camera and quality lenses captured on Kodachrome transparency film.

     Offering a perspective unavailable to the average person, this collection of 175 color photographs provides an extraordinary aerial view of Michigan's lighthouses and the topography of its shorelines and waters. The book, published by author, is printed in 400 line screen on a waterless press in the United States of America.

     The photographs reveal the dramatic settings of Michigan lighthouses and provide a historic glimpse of their past and present condition. Spectacle Reef and Stannard Rock are light stations carved from stone a century ago. Rock of Ages and Granite Island Lights were built on rock that required blasting the surface level. White Shoal and Gray’s Reef are “offshore” lights constructed on crib surfaces. Charity Island, Waugoshance, Fourteen Mile Point, and Poverty Island have been vandalized and are decayed and crumbling.

     Others, such as Pointe Aux Barques, Sturgeon Point, South Manitou Island, Grand Traverse, and the Lightship Huron have been restored to their original condition and are open to the visiting public. Also included are dramatic before and after photographs of the restored lighthouses at St. Helena Island and Port Austin Reef.

     This photographic essay will complement the home or office of lighthouse enthusiasts, historians, Michigan travelers, boaters, aviators and admirers of photographic art.

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